Dont Trust your HRD

ada beberapa alasan mengapa kita tidak bisa memberikan wewenang penuh kepada HR dalam menyusun strategi pemenangan bisnis.

1. Lack of business acumen and financial literacy.
Key strategy: Companies are appointing people with line
experience, on a rotational basis, to VP, HR roles to run HR like a professional services business. This includes
clear business objectives and metrics for success.
2. Lack of understanding of strategic plan and business
Key strategy: HR has a seat at the strategy table to ensure
HR strategic alignment with the overall company strategy.
But this isn ’ t just warming the boardroom chair. This
means that HR performs the role of cross – functional synthesizer,
looking at ways to marry career development
and succession planning and proactively finding voids
that must be filled by external talent acquisition.
3. Lack of understanding of the skills, behaviors, and experience
required for each role.
Key strategy: HR is moving away from an order taker
role to a business partner role of understanding the
business enough to be proactive in defi ning requirements
for new roles. External help is f ne, but HR must
partner with superb external resources, not merely by
books, software, and experiences.
4. Lack of relationships with internal top talent.
Key strategy: HR is building relationships with high potentials
and monitoring succession plan outcomes to ensure
ready – now targets for high potentials are achieved. Once
upon at time at the old Chase Bank, Rockefeller had a
locked room with photos of “ Chase Property, ” meaning
the talent that had to be nurtured and retained at any cost.
Supposedly, there were only three keys to the room. HR
had better be living in that room.
5. Lack of relationships with external top talent.
Key strategy: Hold HR accountable for building relationships
with external top talent through involvement with
industry associations and conferences. Some of the best HR
people we ’ ve seen have a direct line to the top recruiters
in the country. The sign of success: The company is presented
with top candidates even though there is no immediate
need, but is given the fi rst right of refusal.
6. Lack of accountability for business results.
Key strategy: Hold HR accountable for outperforming
industry success measures for HR benchmarks. In addition,
HR becomes a partner with several line initiatives
and they succeed or fail together. The traffi c cop mentality
has to end.
7. Lack of decision – making authority.
Key strategy: Give HR decision – making authority and
accountability for delivering results similar to external
recruiters. How many companies today are judging
HR leaders by the tenure and performance of the talent
they fi nd outside or recommend from the inside
after 6, 12, or 18 months in the new job? Not many?
Are you?
8. Lack of industry knowledge and key recruiting trends.
Key strategy: provide industry – related training and
development opportunities to HR professionals. They
have to remove themselves from the HR silos in the
profession and stop listening to academics or gurus
with products to sell and speeches to peddle on how
to implement the latest fad. Instead, they should be at
the Harvard Advanced Management School, and conferences
at INSEAD, and publishing their fi ndings and
intellectual property in business literature.
9. Lack of sales and marketing expertise.
Key strategy: Companies are creating VP roles accountable
for both HR and sales and marketing to break
down the silos and speed up recruiting. No one, but
no one, should spend a career in HR.
Key strategy.
Consider dispersing HR into the line units. This is the
most radical but we think the most promising and powerful
approach. Stop thinking of HR as a staff unit, but
think of it as a line responsibility for every line leader,
no different from managing sales, or research initiatives,
or product commercialization.

source :The Talent Advantage, ALAN WEISS AND NANCY MacKAY


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